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Building Direction for Families is currently accepting bids for an Early Childhood Iowa Parent Education contract serving Buchanan County.  The links to the bid documents are below:

What is Building Direction for Families, Inc.?

Building Direction for Families, Inc. (BDF) is a non-profit agency that provides funding for the Early Childhood Iowa, Decategorization, Community Partnerships for Protecting Children, and Community Based Child Abuse Prevention initiatives in Buchanan, Delaware, and Fayette Counties. Building Direction for Families believes families are at the heart of our communities, and envisions families growing and prospering in communities that promote family self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and self-determination.

The Building Direction for Families board is composed of representatives from Buchanan, Delaware, and Fayette Counties in the areas of health, education, and faith, plus elected officials and appointees from the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Services. The Board oversees the planning and implementation of our vision and mission.  The Building Direction for Families Board contracts with local service providers to implement programs that directly impact children, prenatal to age 18, and their families.


These state supported initiatives encourage communities to develop strategies to help impove the lives of children and families within the community.

The results of these initiatives include:

    Healthy Children

    Children ready to succeed in school

    Safe and supportive communities

    Secure and nurturing families

    Stable, self-sufficient, and healthy young people




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